Timber Frame Homes: Beautiful & Technical

Timber frame homes are magnificent and well built. From the stunning designs to the sturdy architecture, they are sure to stand out from the crowd. However, there is more to these beautifully designed structures besides the aesthetics they bring to the table. The popularity of these homes is due to the durability and the limited number of load-bearing walls within, which provides flexibility in the floor plan.

Building A Timber Frame Home

Specific criteria are required to qualify a structure to be considered timber-framed, and the way lumber is cut and connected is significant. To form a sturdy framework, the posts and beams must be carefully fashioned to fit seamlessly together. For better support, they are often shaped into a rectangle or square. Our trusses are assembled in the shop and then carefully delivered on-site. The timbers are connected at the site using the mortise and tenon method. This process joins two beams to create a strong and simple framework. At Vintage Homes and Millwork, our timber is custom cut for each job with a CNC machine. Our meticulous team works hard to produce the highest quality of timber-framed homes and ensures that every piece of your home is perfectly constructed.

Energy Efficiency

Timber frame homes are energy efficient by nature since timber does not absorb heat as quickly as traditional brick homes. In addition to the already practical structure, we offer options to create a healthier, eco-friendly environment for houses. We can render a passive design and install Structural Insulated Panels (SIP). A home envelope seal that contains SIP has fewer air leaks throughout the building, which has a substantial impact on the energy used to heat or cool the house. The envelope seal refers to the walls, roofing, and foundation working together to “seal” in heat. These elements will promote air quality, decrease energy use, and allow the natural climate to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the house.

The Difference Between Timber Framing and Timber Post and Beams

Although the styles look similar and use square wood timbers, there is a clear difference between timber framing and timber post and beams. A timber-framed home is constructed entirely of exposed lumber connected to each other. The timber post and beams method applies the same principles when it comes to using heavy lumber to frame the house, but the difference lies in the way they are connected. Timber post and beams sit lumber on top of each other and join them by using metal hardware. Here at Vintage Homes and Millwork, we have decades of experience in timber framing and pride ourselves on the skill and craftsmanship our team possesses. We deliver the beautiful home customization you want and pair it with the quality you deserve.

Tour our custom-built timber frame headquarters and manufacturing facility to learn more about our team and process. We are excited to show you how our dedication to excellence in timber frame construction has resulted in satisfied clients and beautiful architectural designs. Give us a call to connect with us at 717-687-0292. We can’t wait to help you get one step closer to your timber frame home.