What Architects Should Consider When Choosing a Timber Frame Builder

A timber frame home in WY with a back porch

As an architect, you know the value of building strong partnerships with companies that are going to make you look great to your clients. With the demand for timber frame construction on the rise, having a partner who not only understands the material but who also understands your desire to deliver beautiful, well-crafted, sturdy design for your clients gives you an added advantage.

When selecting a custom builder who can execute your timber frame design, there are five key areas to consider:

Experience in Timber Frame Construction

Timber frame construction has seen a surge in popularity as people consider the many structural and design advantages of timber frame homes. However, the art of timber frame construction has been around for over a hundred years. To some builders, this isn’t a new fad or Pinterest-driven trend. Instead, these builders have been steeped in the timeless methods of mortise and tenon with timber frames for decades. They understand the unique processes of constructing beautiful homes with sturdy timber frames based on an architect’s vision.

Vintage Homes and Millwork is one such company. We work almost exclusively in timber frame home construction. (We also mill custom doors and windows.) We understand the planning, sourcing, and craftsmanship required to build your project from initial concept to final touches.

We would love to take you on a tour of our timber frame headquarters, so you can see first-hand how we were able to work with architects to create their clients’ dream home. Request a personal tour by completing our contact form.

Flexibility in Design

Just as no two clients are alike, no two custom home designs will ever be the same. Experienced timber frame home builders know that the sturdiness of the timber frame material allows for a wide variety of home styles. For example, the continued trend in designing a home with an open floor plan or hybrid construction. A great benefit of building with timber frame is how their strength allows for fewer load-bearing walls. This allows for more open space with fewer support beams. Builders who are used to working with timber frames know they allow for more flexibility and changes to the floor plan. The right builder for your timber frame construction not only understands the versatility of timber frame construction, but can use that knowledge to collaborate with you to find the best way to build the home as you envisioned.

Aggressive Timeline and Accountability

One of the frequently overlooked advantages to timber frame construction is its ability to shorten your timeline. Your frame can be erected on site within days, which means your electricians, plumbers, and specialty contractors can get to work sooner.

We provide an additional advantage of hand-selecting and locally sourcing our timbers through our sister company, Mid-Atlantic Timberframes. This gives us more control in meeting demanding timelines. Working closely with Mid-Atlantic Timberframes, also located in Lancaster County, we benefit from a healthy supply of sturdy and quality timber frame beams and you’ll benefit from quicker turn-times and a turnkey process that will help you settle your client in their new home, faster.

Throughout the process, you will work directly with one of the company owners, Ben or Daniel. As owners of parent company, B&D Builders, Ben and Daniel have a proven track record of ensuring your needs – and the needs of your client – are being met with the highest quality. Unlike other builders who take on too many projects, we are more selective, only working with clients who value quality craftsmanship and a collaborative partnership. As a result of our commitment to quality, Vintage Homes and Millwork has enjoyed consistent work and strong financials. Ben and Daniel look forward to being able to stand by our construction projects for years to come.

Understanding Energy Efficiency

In today’s “green” world, architects are often under increased pressure to create energy efficient buildings. Timber frame construction is a natural selection for anyone considering the environment. Timber does not absorb heat the same way as brick, which means homes will grow warm and cool more quickly.

As experts in timber frame construction, we take the process a bit further. We can work with you to explore passive design techniques that take advantage of the natural climate to maintain thermal comfort. We also wrap the timber frame with Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) to provide a sealed envelope. This maximizes both the timber’s energy efficiency and strength. The SIP envelope provides continuous insulation, better air quality, and reduced energy use.

Sturdy Construction

As custom builders, we specially craft each detail of your design, and use time-honored building techniques that results in buildings that last for generations. The natural strength and heft of timber frames allows them to better withstand earthquakes, heavy wind, and snow load than light-frame construction types.

Our team specializes in combining centuries-old techniques with state-of-the-art machinery to create the best materials and construction work for your clients. We also use traditional building methods known for reinforcing and utilizing the strength of timber frame beams. We use the mortise and tenon method to join heavy timber frames, supported by wooden pegs and brackets. The result is a gorgeous building with old-world charm and today’s best in durability.

When it comes to selecting a builder for a custom timber frame home, selecting based on quality, experience, and accountability will ensure your ability to deliver a beautiful home for your clients. Check out some examples of work completed by Vintage Homes and Millwork, and then let us know when you’re ready to tour our custom-built timber frame headquarters and manufacturing facility. We’d love to show you how our commitment to quality in timber frame construction has resulted in client satisfaction, year over year.