We love visiting our customers’ sites to discuss and deliver our products, but did you know our custom doors and hardware are also available for shipping?

We pride ourselves on making high-quality, expertly designed doors and other millwork products to match your vision and exceed your expectations, so when it comes to shipping our products, we take extra precautions to ensure they arrive in excellent condition.

Here are nine questions we’re frequently asked about how we ship our doors:

1. After I Order My Door, What Is the Next Step in the Process?

Once your custom order is received, we get to work making your expertly engineered, quality-crafted project. As soon as it’s finished, we will notify you that it’s ready to ship.

2. How Do You Prepare the Door for Packaging?

The first step in the process is securing the door in a closed position to keep it from shifting during travel. The door and its hardware are packaged together, so when they arrive, they are ready for installation.

3. How Do You Package the Door?

The door and its hardware are wrapped in foam and placed in a custom-made wooden crate, so they ship securely and arrive in perfect condition.

4. Are There Extra Precautions You Take to Ensure the Door Arrives in Good Condition?

We go the extra mile when packaging the contents of each shipment. Once each door and its hardware are wrapped in foam and packaged in a wooden crate, the shipment is completely enclosed in waterproof plastic to keep moisture out.

We are meticulous about our shipping process because we want our customers to receive our high-quality products in excellent condition.

5. Do You Have a Quality Guarantee?

We have a warranty on every door we make, which is included in every contract.

6. What If I’m Not Satisfied with My Door?

Give us a call if you’re not satisfied, and we’ll be sure to figure out a solution. We rarely have dissatisfied clients because of our superb customer service.

7. What Happens If a Door Is Damaged upon Arrival?

Because of our attention to detail in the shipping process, damage is a rare occurrence. However, if you are not satisfied with our products when they arrive, please contact us so we can resolve the issue.

8. How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping times vary, depending on the shipping company and your distance from our facility. You can usually expect to receive your custom door a few days after it leaves Vintage Millwork & Restoration in Paradise, Pennsylvania.

9. Do You Ship Nationwide?

Yes, we do!

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