What Value Does a Screened Porch Offer?

What Value Does a Screened Porch Offer?

Are you thinking about adding a screened porch to your house design? This home addition allows you to expand your living space for three seasons out of the year. If heaters or a fireplace are added, the space can even be utilized year-round. A screened porch addition increases the value of a home in two ways: by adding more living space and by improving quality of life.

screened porch addition overlooking body of water sitting next to green grass

Some people like the feeling of being outdoors but don’t love the idea of being bothered by pesky bugs or risking a sunburn. A screened porch solves all of these problems and more. Done correctly, they offer a continuation of the home space and blend in a natural element. This home, shown above and to the right, provides great views of the nearby water and landscape while providing shelter and close proximity to other aspects of the home.

Understanding Value

There are many moments where a screened porch is beneficial. It provides shelter from outside elements like rain, sun, and bugs, but it allows you to feel like you are still outside in the fresh air. This type of porch can also act as an extension of a room that already exists, like a kitchen or a family room. The screened porch can be designed to match this interior space as well as blend into the existing structure and the natural landscape that surrounds the house. It is important to note that the value of a home can be measured with intangible benefits like these, not just monetarily — although the resale value of the home will most likely increase with an asset like a grand screened porch (especially with a nice view)!

Customization Benefit

Custom screened porches are typically a must-have for homeowners willing to invest in a space that is unique to them. These additional rooms are a classic upgrade and can be built to fit the needs of any family. One aspect of customization includes different options for flooring and screening to suit one’s lifestyle. For instance, you can create a space with waterproof flooring and pollen-resistant or UV-filtered screens to protect against the outdoor elements. Interested in building a small screened room off a bedroom, or a large two-story porch that looks over a backyard? No problem! Our custom millwork capabilities can fit the needs of any space and make your home stand out on the block.

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Why Invest in a Custom Wood Door?

Why Invest in a Custom Wood Door?

Purchasing standard, ready-made wooden doors seems like the easy way to go in any building project. However, investing in custom wood doors for the interior or exterior of a custom commercial or residential project has its benefits, including increased strength, durability, and energy efficiency.

Every one of our custom wooden doors is designed with kiln-dried, quarter-sawn wood and uses engineered side stiles for durability and strength. When our custom doors are compared to traditional solid wood construction, they have fewer points of weakness, less chance of warping, and provide better thermal insulation.

Our exterior wooden doors in particular can offer a substantial return on your investment. A custom wood front door will not only “wow” people when they first see your property, you’ll enjoy lower maintenance costs and increased energy efficiency and curb appeal.

Sliding Barn Door

One type of door that has proven popular for both interior and exterior use is the sliding barn door.

This type of door is beneficial for creating a large entrance when you don’t have the space for (or just don’t like the look of) outward-swinging doors. The track-and-trolley technique allows you to create the perfect-sized sliding barn doors for your specs.

Doors of this style can be used to connect an inside recreational space to an outside patio or garden. They are also popular for bathrooms or other places where space may be tight. For a truly unique look, add accents like hand-carved detail, door lights — which can add an abundance of natural light — and custom hardware.

A custom wood door can also be a more environmentally-friendly choice when you use  reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood doors give existing wood from old barns and other structures new life. Choosing reclaimed white oak or reclaimed hemlock enhances both the strength and the visual interest of doors. Other popular reclaimed wood choices for entry doors include mahogany, western red cedar, knotty alder, and Douglas fir. These species are suitable for a custom front door, interior door, barn door, and even garage doors. Stain can be added to further enhance the beauty of the wood and suit your personal taste. Reclaimed wood doors of the quality we provide are hard to find on today’s market.

Skilled Craftsmanship

Interested in investing in custom wood doors but don’t know where to begin? Whether you are overseeing a residential or commercial project yourself or working with an architect, our team works with you every step of the way. First, we collaborate with you to realize your vision of the perfect custom door. Then, we handle all of the specification, ordering, and installation. Thanks to our in-house millwork shop, the same team that drafts your design also builds your finished piece, so you can be sure that the design you approve is what you’ll receive in the end.

If you are interested in working with Vintage Millwork and Restoration, contact us to set up a meeting with you, your general contractor, builder, or architect. We will work together to create the best custom wood doors, reclaimed doors, sliding barn doors, or whatever you need for your next project!

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Designing Your Perfect Custom Front Entryway

Designing Your Perfect Custom Front Entryway

Your front entryway is the key element to establishing the style of and welcome to your home. It reflects your personality as a homeowner, and is your first official hello to your guests.

Whether you’re building a new home or looking to remodel, you can ensure your front entryway sends the right message by considering the following factors:

Your Style:

Your personal style comes through in the wood you choose, the color of your paint, and the stonework of your walls. We can help you add the same personal touches and details in your front entryway and custom door. Some of our clients want their doors to stand out – or “pop” – against the rest of the house, while others prefer a door that blends with the color of the shutters. Whatever your style, we can design your front entryway to be a natural fit.

Need help finding your style? Our designer can help define a look to best represent you. Or you can send us digital images of doors, foyers, or porches that catch your eye. We can even use pictures from your favorite magazines as inspiration to create an entryway that matches your personal style, vision, and home needs.

Your Daily Use:

When designing your perfect front entryway, it’s important to consider how the door will be used, and whether it will be exposed to harsh weather conditions.

We build our doors to be as functional as they are beautiful. Because of this, we favor working in wood, giving us the perfect mixture of elegance and durability. We use engineered manufacturing for added strength. Depending on how and where the door will be used, we will walk you through choosing sturdy and sophisticated hardware, kick plates, and incorporate a design that helps direct water away from the door.

Because your front entryway is more than just a door, evaluate your home’s exterior to envision whether your entryway would be improved with an overhang or front porch. An overhang is a spectacular accent to any door, while timber frame trusses or a porch adds a statement of elegance to your home. Both options are also great for keeping water off your front steps, your guests, and your custom door.

Your Foyer:

After your door, your foyer is how you receive your guests for the first time. It is their first impression of the interior of your home. Just as your entryway should consider the outdoor style of your home, it should also take into account your interior entrance.

Is your foyer light and airy? Let in natural light with glass panels in your front door. You can increase the light by adding sidelights, or panels of windows around your door.

Does your foyer favor the strong and handsome look? Add timber frame trusses or beams to your entryway, stairs, or gallery area. Doing so adds warmth and distinctiveness through the timeless charm of classic wood.

Don’t forget additional lighting needs, such as chandeliers inside or sconces on the outside.

Your Custom Entryway Builder:

A custom entryway or door not only allows you to greet your guests with your personal style, it also provides great curb appeal. Choosing a custom builder who can interpret your style and has a proven track record of producing quality ensures the end result meets your expectations.

With Vintage Millwork and Restoration, the customization possibilities are endless. We are custom builders who specialize in unique buildings, such as timber frame homes and hybrid construction. We pride ourselves on our expert engineering, skilled craftsmen, and our hands-on approach to every project.

When you contact us, you are paired with an engineer qualified to walk you through every step of the design, wood choice, and hardware selection. We have an in-house millwork shop, which means we control every step of the process and can guarantee superb quality from start to finish.

To start designing your perfect custom entryway to match your unique style, contact us here, and let’s talk options.