At Vintage Millwork & Restoration, we love working with builders, architects, and designers to deliver the custom products you need. We’re happy to answer any questions you have before kicking off a project, but here are a few of the ones we hear most often.  

1. Does Vintage Millwork & Restoration have a typical style?

The majority of our projects fall into a more traditional design. However, we can build anything you design, and we’ll work with you each step of the way until it’s right.


2. Which wood species do you recommend for my project?

We highly recommend using sapele mahogany and quartersawn white oak for your projects. Sapele mahogany is unique because even though it’s classified as a hardwood, it has some of the same features as softwood and can be used for some of the same projects. It’s harder than many North American hardwoods, and it’s almost twice as hard as genuine mahogany! It’s also a commonly available material for us to order. Quartersawn instead of flat-sawn white oak is best for stability as well as aesthetics. Even reclaimed white oak is highly resistant to cracking, water damage, and decay, so a lot of it has held up over the years.


3. Are doors made by Vintage Millwork & Restoration engineered?

Yes. By engineering our doors, we provide them with added stability and less chance of warping. To do this, we layer quarter-inch pieces of wood, strategically positioning them with the grains running in different directions, to form the core of your door. This minimizes points of weakness and the potential for warping. We can layer the same type of wood or blend different wood species for the core and the exterior. The result is a solid, durable, beautiful wood door that will last and provide better thermal insulation than standard doors.


4. What can I expect to see when we meet?

At our first meeting, we can provide photo examples of our work, as well as samples of wood and finishes to choose from. If you visit us in Paradise, PA, we can give you a tour of our shop as well, to see firsthand how we blend traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.


5. What hardware does Vintage Millwork & Restoration offer for custom entryways?

As a dealer of Rocky Mountain Hardware and Ashley Norton, we’ll work with you to determine what fits best with your door designs. We also offer custom hammered hardware, which adds an extra wow factor to the overall project.


6. Do you work with custom glass?

Yes. We work with both insulated glass and historical glass depending on what the project calls for. All the glass we use is made by shops in the USA.


7. What type of finish do you use?

All of our custom doors are finished with a marine-grade epoxy to ensure they’re long-lasting and weather-resistant.


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