Great brands have great leaders. For more than 20 years, Vintage Millwork & Restoration has been a leading expert door supplier and door manufacturer in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, supplying fine products locally and across the nation. Their skilled craftsmen are known for using old-world craftsmanship, modern technology, and first-class materials to create exceptional doors (and other architectural products) of outstanding quality and design, and the company tailors its custom products to each project’s unique design and style.

Simply put, Vintage Millwork & Restoration has the quality custom doors you want with the customer service you need to make a project go smoothly. First founded in 2000 as part of B&D Builders, the company started doing business as Vintage Homes & Millwork in 2017, then changed their name to Vintage Millwork & Restoration in 2019. They quickly became known for craftsmanship, attention to detail, and getting a job done right, and today, their skilled builders, designers, project managers, and millworkers continue to be dedicated to crafting custom doors and millwork using a hands-on approach to the entire process. Over the years, they’ve become a trusted partner for architects, builders, and general contractors because they understand the demands of the job and the importance of good communication.

The team is led by Amos Fisher, who joined B&D Builders in 2009 before starting with Vintage Homes & Millwork in 2017 and ultimately becoming the general manager. Amos “lives and breathes wood” and began his passion for woodworking when he was just a child. He is the proud leader of the Vintage Millwork team and has great plans for the future of the company.

We sat down with Amos to find out what he loves about the business, how he got into woodworking, and what makes Vintage Millwork & Restoration products stand out. Here’s what he had to say.


Tell us a little about your background and some of your hobbies outside of work.

I grew up with woodworking because my father was a timber framer for 15 years, and I always had a huge passion for wood! A few of my hobbies outside of work: one is I have a small woodshop at home, where I make various stuff out of old reclaimed barnwood — light cabinets, hat racks, crafts, et cetera. It is a hobby shop, where I love to share time with my boys. I am also a big horse lover. I love training show horses.


How did you get started at Vintage Millwork & Restoration? What attracted you most to the company?

I started with the organization in 2009. One thing that attracted me was my love for horses and equestrian facilities. Another thing that attracted me was a chance to grow as a business leader, and I seized the opportunity. The first five years, I was in the field working with B&D, and that experience helped me significantly with understanding the product and gaining knowledge in the custom world. I morphed into the millwork side of the organization in 2014, and there again, I seized the opportunity as very few people within the organization wanted to take that step at that point in time.


Vintage Millwork & Restoration has a good reputation for quality control. How do you maintain consistently high-quality products?

We want the right people in the right seat. We have a great team set in place. We have a quality control meeting with the entire team every Monday. We take quality very seriously, and we will do anything to ensure the client gets what they envision or dream of.


You seem to have a real passion for the products you produce. Why do you think that is? What makes this type of work special to you?

One reason is because of the “finishing touches.” The process of building can take a long time for clients, but the wow factor that a front entryway and the finishing touches we can produce to please the client is worth the while. It’s a very special part of the process for me.

Another reason is the different wood species we work with and the beauty of the grains and how they are cut and milled.

I also have a big passion for what we can create out of old reclaimed wood. We make wine racks, tables, and some custom doors out of reclaimed wood.


Talk about your shop. How do you combine old-world craftsmanship with modern technology to make such remarkable pieces?

This is a tough question. That starts with design and knowing what old-world craftsmanship is and how to incorporate that into our modern technology of building. It is basically knowing how to replicate the skills and designs that our forefathers used over in Europe with today’s technology.


Could you explain how you work hand in hand with builders, designers, and contractors to ensure that their clients’ needs are met?

Establishing relationships is the first goal. We have an edge as we understand what we are selling, and we are good at envisioning and creating a product that is buildable for designers and architects’ designs. We work with the builders/contractors on designs/shop drawings, stain color, hardware specs, and installation.


Lastly, where do you see Vintage Millwork & Restoration going in the next five years? What goals would you like to accomplish?

That’s a great question! Our goal is to become the premier door manufacturer on the East Coast and eventually throughout the nation. I want to have a large production line with another added CNC door machine. We want to continue to grow at Vintage Millwork & Restoration.


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If you’re in the market for a quality exterior door manufacturer or custom door supplier, Vintage Millwork & Restoration is your go-to source for beautiful designs and quality craftsmanship. The company’s unique doors are tailored to honor the style and aesthetics of your unique project, and they’re proud to partner and work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

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