Your home’s interior doors can serve as more than just functional entryways; they can become an integral part of your home’s interior design, adding character, style, and elevated craftsmanship to each room. Let’s look at some key components to consider when selecting the perfect interior door for your space.


Interior doors can act as artful gateways to showcase your home’s interior aesthetic and design preferences. Traditional door styles, inspired by Shaker or Colonial designs, exude timeless elegance with the simplicity of clean lines and recessed panels. In contrast, Cottage-style doors are inspired by the English countryside and often include arched tops, beadboard paneling, and a charming, storybook-like appeal. Lastly, Contemporary door styles embrace sleek lines, minimalistic details, and a may include glass and metal elements for a modern, sophisticated feel.

Wood Type

Wood type is a key factor in determining a door’s appearance and durability. Our wood offerings comprise a variety of species, each with their own unique texture and character. We also manufacture doors using reclaimed wood, which provides a distinct vintage look and gives old wood pieces a new life.


To highlight the natural beauty of our doors’ grain patterns, we recommend a wood finish that will give a warm, earthy feel. Letting the unique markings of the wood fibers shine through will complement both traditional and modern interiors, and will look beautiful when viewed from up close or across the room.

Finishes not only preserve the wood but also offer many options for achieving the desired look of your interior doors. While we don’t recommend painting over the gorgeous natural wood grain patterns of our doors, we can make suggestions should you decide to paint.


Hardware selection is the final touch to elevate your custom interior door design, enhancing the functionality of the door but also contributing significantly to its overall style. Whether you seek the timeless elegance of traditional knobs and levers, the practicality of sliding systems, or the bespoke charm of custom antique hammered hardware, remember that the right choice can make your door a true work of art, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your living spaces.

The finish applied to the hardware is also a key aesthetic consideration — from polished chrome to satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze to antique brass, each finish can dramatically impact the door’s overall look.

Alternate Solutions

If you’re seeking a touch of rustic charm or a unique space-saving solution, sliding doors are an excellent choice. Antique track and trolley systems and loop trolleys transform your interior space into a gallery of both functionality and aesthetics.

If you’re ready to transform your home with hand-crafted custom interior doors, contact us today to get started.