Windows do more than keep homes comfortable and dry. They are an integral part of your home’s design, adding natural light, fresh air, and beautiful accents to your home. That is why so many of our clients choose custom windows over standard windows from big box stores: custom windows allow more flexibility in shape, size, materials, and craftsmanship so they fully complement their home or building’s design.

Custom Window Materials

We prioritize capturing your vision for your building’s design, which is why we work with a variety of materials to create the perfect windows for your building. Our windows can be made from any species of wood, with more popular options including sapele mahogany, cedar, and reclaimed hemlock. Wood finish options include medium brown, puritans pine, red, white, clear, Early American, and English chestnut. We typically use tempered and insulated glass (double glazed glass) for most windows. For a more unique look, however, we often use old world restoration glass (or “Wavy Glass”). Adding wavy glass brings a nostalgia for old farm homes from the early 1900s. It is a historic feature bringing old world charm to any home design. We can temper ½” thick or 1/8” thick restoration class, and we source the material from a local distributor.

Proven Woodworking Method

The mortise and tenon method of crafting windows and other woodworking is a legacy used by craftspeople around the world for thousands of years. This simple method securely joins pieces of wood into a strong, tight joint without requiring nails or screws. Instead, each piece is expertly fit together and may use glue, pins, or wedges to lock it into place. We use this method because of its history of creating airtight, sturdy windows. Using this method also allows us to create true divided light windows. Not only does this look beautiful, but it is also very sturdy construction. Should a single pane break, it is easier to replace that pane’s glass. (Without the divide between window panes, a crack on one side of the glass might crack the entire window.) We are able to make windows in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed to fit multiple functionality requirements. We are particularly skilled in awning windows, double hung old style restoration windows, and almost any casement window.

Specifying Vintage Millwork & Restoration Windows

At Vintage Homes & Millwork, our emphasis is on high-quality craftsmanship, and we use our knowledge and skills to provide for all of our clients’ needs. This includes proactively anticipating design needs, constructing the windows exactly to spec, and either overseeing installation or installing the windows ourselves. You won’t need to rely on boilerplate information from a manufacturer when specifying windows for your custom home design. By bringing a skilled craftsperson early in the design phase of your project, we can help you plan the work based on our knowledge of the materials and the process we would use to construct your window. Our friendly, responsive team will quickly ensure you know all of the important details for getting the exact windows necessary to complete your vision for your building. All of our windows are crafted in our Lancaster County workshop using traditionally proven methods combined with some of today’s best technology. This ensures your windows are not only beautiful to look at – or look through – but they are also strong and secure. We pride ourselves on crafting beautiful windows that serve your building’s functional and design needs. Ask us how we can create windows that accentuate your building’s design by calling 717-687-0292 and let’s get started on your next project.